11+ tuition

taking bookings for tuition for Sept 2020 entry

For entrance in September 2020 , exams will be held in September 2019 . Entrance requirements for the different grammar schools in Plymouth vary and you will need to check the website for your choice of school to see what it is that is required.

Your child will be sitting the 11+ in the September they start in year 6. Therefore, it is a good idea to start 11+ tuition in year 5, ideally no later than the Spring term.

Children who want to sit the 11+ will need to be on target for at least a level 5+ at the end of year 6. So, before I begin any tuition, it is important that I know what level your child is working at in both English and Maths. However, if your child is not quite at the desired level, but they still want to have a go at the 11+ then I am happy to guide them as best as I can, as long as we are all aware that a certain level of ability is generally required to pass.

11+ tuition takes place in my home. I work on a 1-to-1 basis (£20 per hour) or in small groups (£15 per hour). Tuition lasts for 1 hour and the maximum group size is 6.

During tuition, children will become very familiar with the test papers and be given advice and guidance on how to answer the questions. The scores that children achieve during tuition are recorded and rewards given for hard work, improvement and commitment. I find that children in small groups work well together and give each other encouragement to push themselves that little bit further.

Children will be given homework to practice at home which will be marked the following week.

Primary Tuition

Does your child have low confidence in a certain subject at school? Do they sometimes complain that they can’t keep up with their friends? Or that they don’t "get it" when the teacher explains something to them? Do they feel like they are in a “lower group” and this leads them to believe that they are not doing very well?

In my experience, tuition provide children with knowledge but mostly the confidence they need to make them feel like they can put their hands up and answer questions.

Primary tuition takes place at your house. I will come to you with everything we will need for an hours lesson. Therefore I only do primary tuition on a 1-to-1 basis.

I plan my lesson specifically to meet the needs of your child. I aim to make lessons fun with games and mini competitions and award stickers and treats when pupils have worked particularly hard. Children feel like they can work at their own pace and ask me questions they often don’t have the confidence to ask their teacher.